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its been ages since i last was on DA... A ton of deviations later and I decided instead to update my journal.

lots of news... at varsity bored out of my mind. going to watch a movie just now... otherwise I have sponsorship for kiteboarding, which is going really well, and am getting a new kite soon. hoping to upload pics of me jumping, but i spend more time taking photos of everyone else!

my board designs are going to germany, and I got my new board the other day. all is fantastic!
  • Reading: Madame Cleo's Girls
  • Watching: The new Stance preview
I need help! I have a 21st coming up where you have to dress up as your favourite shooter, and then bring the ingredients to make it. I need ideas though!

I arrived at varsity yesterday, and unfortunately, checked the wind forecast before attending my lecture. The prediction? Perfect wind for kiteboarding. I spent the whole lecture trying to convince myself that I had to study for the upcoming test week, as I haven't really started but I knew it wasn't working.

It was an amazing session. The wind started tame as a NE but swung in the afternoon to a rough SW as the cold front moved in. I kited the whole day, stopping only to eat. It is the most amazing feeling, skimming across that water, harnessing the power of wind and water and feeling so in control. The high is unbelieveable!

Keep riding and wish me luck for those tests =(
hey people.. well ii write my last exam today! thank goodness.. i thought they were going to go on for ever... im really busy though.. been invited to be a blog jockey on 5fm's new website, so spending time doing that, as well as my own business, and trying to get my degree...

i am also struggling to find time to kite so feeling very frustrated...

i should get my bikinis by monday so then need to organise a photoshoot with :iconexoart:.. check out his work, if you havn't already, its really really good.... i love they way he manages to portray a certain charisma onto the camera....

well have an awesome time people.... keep kiting
Hey everyone!

It was my bday yday! its so awesome! yayayayaay! :w00t: :bounce: im still a baby tho, only 20 =/

oh well =D
Thanx :iconexoart: bro, you got me!

The first person that starts the game or whatever starts the topic. 6 weird habits/secrets/things and then the tagged people have to write a journal entry about 6 weird habits/secrets/things.

And then the tagged person must choose six more people to be tagged and tell them to write 6 weird habits/secrets/things in their journal. And you must write them a comment in their deviantart user page saying they've been tagged and get them to read yours.

1. Im very afraid of having kids, not because of kids, but because my tummy will get big....

2. I think im made of rubber. was in an accident this weekend and the doctor who helped me said i should be paralysed. i've never managed to break a bone and i've been trying for years

3. I have an affinity with felines. i think i was a cat in a past life.

4. i have ADD, and get high on coffee/coke/water

5. i love coaching

6. I am a good matchmaker.... look out siobhan!!!

well love you all
i hate trying to come up with titles for these journals.

well varsity is hectic. i should have no time to do things, but i find now i am doing more than ever and still coping. maybe im one of those people who thrives on no sleep. i am doing ok i suppose.

went up to sterkies this weekend (my mommy sponsored me :clap: yay) but it was such a waste. there was no wind so i ended up promoting my website to all the kiters instead.

can someone explain why life throws curve balls?

:heart: ya all
keep riding
well im not going up to sterkfontein this weekend to kite! I have been looking forward to this for ages, but if i want to go up to Pretoria over easter to see ed, i wont be able to afford to go kiteboarding.

The only problem is i dont know if ed really really wants me to go up. he says yes, but he been acting really distant lately and me going up might be a bad idea if he's trying to distance himself.

I hate this!

to everyone going up,  not that they are reading this, have a fu***ng awesome jol. boost big air for me.
Hey sorry for this, but its cute! oh and i got it from Corbz

10 Firsts...
-First Best Friend: Precious
-First Imaginary Friend: The fairies
-First Pet dog name: Never had a dog
-First Piercing: ears
-First Crush: This guy in pre-school, blond hair blue eyes
-First CD:  For my Bday i got Celion Dion and Aqua
-First Car: A VW Citi golf, white, called lizzy
-First School: Happy nappy Nursery
-First Kiss: In my backgarden on my 12th bday
-First Job: At a petshop

9 Lasts...
-Last Time You Smoked: With ed at spigadora about three months ago
-Last Food You Ate: Supper, chicken and veg
-Last Car Ride: This mornign to varsity
-Last Movie You Watched: Pride and Prejudice
-Last Phone Call: To Jeremy last night for an hour
-Last CD You listened to: David Gray New day at midnight
-Last Bubble Bath You took: A week ago
-Last Song You listened to: Be Mine david gray
-Last Fight: think it was with ed - but if any one messes with my baby bro i will fight them with pleasure

8 Have You Ever...
- Have You Ever Dated a Best Friend: Dated, no but other stuff yes
- Have You Ever Been Arrested: Nope, but my friend was for indecent exposure
- Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: Yes!
- Have You Ever Been on TV: Nahhh, but i wanna be a DJ
- Have You Ever Kissed Someone and Regretted It: no i enjoy kissing, but the consequence sometimes aren't that great
- Have You Ever Cheated on Your bf/gf: Yes, but i regret it.
- Have You Ever Been on a Blind Date: Yes, it was fun
- Have You Ever Been out of the Country: once when i was 9

7 Things You are Wearing...
- my gorgeous pointy brown shoes, wiuth sequins on
- White skirt
- Sexy Underwear
- White boob tube
- black long waistcoat over
- Ring on finger
- Jean Paul Gaultier (sp?)

6 Things You've Done Today...
- Had shower
- Drove to varsity
- Have lectures
- Have economics test later
- Going coaching
- Then UCT talk at kearsney later

5 Favorite Things (no specific order)...
- Sexy underwear
- Books
- Kiteboarding
- Sufing
- Sport

4 People You Most Trust (no specific order)...
- Ed
- Jeremy
- Stuart
- Lynch and gavin

3 Choices...
- Vanilla or Chocolate: Vanilla
- Hugs or Kisses: Kisses for sure
- Pens or Pencils: Pens, they come in pretty colours and you can draw on people with them

2 Things You Want to do Before You Die...
- Travel the world
- Be a DJ on radio

1 Person You Want to see
- Ed, badly.

Have a great day people
:heart: Lau
left yday morning after spending the night at my house. didn't get any sleep and spent the night crying.

am much better now tho. have to get on with life. will see him soon...

big :hug: to all my friends! thanx for being there for me
Hey! thanx to all my friend for their support! I'm gonna be OK! Yay!

Anyway Tsotsi won best foreign film at the oscars and i'm so proud! Amandla!
And David Gray is coming to SA in June! YAY!

so i've got lots to smile about :D

In fact im a little bouncy this morn! had a whole block of fudge to myself for breakfast.

Oh check out Girls Rule Kiteboards. It's a very pink site and still needs to be resgistered, but its cool! (Im baised OK)

Keep riding
Well it's official. My Bf is leaving. He resigned on Monday after they demoted him for no reason and hes now working his two weeks notice. Next sat I help him pack and next sunday he leaves. He's going home (Pretoria) for 2 months and then the UK.

Im not handling this well...
well considering i was never away, thats a bit of a stupid statement. but hey! i had my 3 months hols and spent the time doing basic website designs for people. also tried to et my business up and running, but cant say it doing well coz im a cheap ass and i had to find free website hosting for the website. so not many people go to it, but thinking i should just pay the money to get my own .com address.

varsity is hectic, what with four majors and in honours yr next yr. am planning on going to UCT for that because UKZN is sh**. we've had strikes for the last two weeks and our standerds have dropped.

am trying to find time and inspiration for pictures, but at the moment all i am inspired to do is take photos. doesn't help coz i dont have a camera =(

keep riding
Wow are varsity exams hectic... i think im going to cry.

On a better note im going on team training for kiting next weekend, cant wait.... its going to be awesome. and my mom has decided to buy me my kite. yay! its a red and black 7m wipika. i love that kite.

Also have to choose between going to corbz bday on fri 2nd or harry potter. Prob harry, but have your prezzie bro, no stress.

Keep riding peeps
well i have rewritten this journal 3 times and still have no idea wat to say... or if anyone is interested. Life is ok. got fired form two jobs, and the one was good money. stressing now cause of exams, have no money and no idea of how to get money. have a test tonight, then one on firday night til 9. it was my sisters bday yesterday and had to run around for her. the only bright thing at the moment is the boyfriend who is an angel.

IM GETTING WITHDRAWAL. i haven't kited since August and im bummed. first weather wasn't right then i was working. than had no petrol or money... but will be up again asap after exams.

well keep riding guys
wow it amazing how much one misses when one is not around... lol

i managed to have the last two weeks off varsity. it was awesome, but now im back. i was booked off the first week by the doctor on the grounds that i had mumps :( that was a week, but i was so bored at home that i went shopping for the wedding and spent R5000 on my car, getting breaks, tires, shocks replaced and wheel alignment done and the back axil straightened... didn't do any revision work at all...

also Ed spent nearly everyday at my house, and then got pissed off when he caught mumps in pretoria...

my parents didn't want me to go up the pretoria, but i told them that as the doctor had booked me off varsity til thursday anyway, there wasn't much more i could do at home and that going up to pretoria wouldn't make any difference to my varsity work.

so went up on sunday, met all the boyfriends friends and family and aparently got their approval. The wedding on wednesday was spectacular... evie, the bride, was beautiful and tons of fun... we got drunk together and ended up dancing... also spent most of the ceremony trying to look after her two-year old son. he looked so cute in his little tux...

now im back home and trying to get back into a routine of work and study and relax. ed is awesome and i'm very much in love, but im not sure he knows just how much.

guys have an awesome time... i havn't been able to kite in a long time and today it is a very grey and rainy day

"keep riding"
my bf and i want to move in together. OMG this guy is amazing. hes invited me to his sisters wedding in PTA but he has to ask my parents first (it means missing 4 days of varsity :w00t: ) but he is so scared of my dad! not my mom, my dad. he is so cute.... :)

in other news i was supposed to work on sat only to get phoned on friday and told not to come back. all the weekend staff were fired, but still. so im taking my ex-boss to labour court for unfair dismissal.

life has been throwing punches lately and im not rolling w them, im throwing punches back. im getting really irritated w the way people are behaving. suddenly it seems so childish when a 38yr old man cant sort himself out and phones me. im so greatful that my friends have been so understanding...

well "keep riding"  groms

Comment and act!…

:heart: "Keep Riding"

Went to :iconjoesoap85: 's house for a party a week ago, only to find (to my horror) that he was trying to play matchmaker for me. i felt like a piece of meat, esp as he told this guy that i had big boobs. to quote "the first thing i told him was that you had big boobs"

but it was funny and this guy was awesome! we hav so much in common and yet we are so different. we spent the whole night talking and monday night and then after work (11pm) in tuesday. and im seeing him again tonight!


so steve, thank you! if this works i owe you big time

also my condolances to everyone in london and i pray that my friends there are okay

keep riding people
I got tagged by :iconneverk1: darn

List your 6 favourite current songs and list 6 people who also must do this:
1. Prime Circle - hello
2. Tweak - Girls Rule the world
3. Good Charlotte - Chronicles of life and death
4. Good Charlotte - Boys and Girls
5. Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
6. Dj Sammy - Heaven

okay i know "current" but actually i dont like anything currently

And now the 6 people to tag....
1. corbz - Clive C (my boet)
2. enclose - Bobby
3. flyingangel - Jenjen
4. gavmac - Gavin
5. exoart - stuart (even though he wont)
6. sircula - glen

5 things i think about everyday.
x if its flyable
x whether im working today
x my friends, even the ones i am fighting with
x Kiteboarding, surfing, water, sun
x whats for breakfast?

4 people i think about.
x Jenna (definately)
x Gavin
x Stuart (yes, i thought about you even when we weren't talking: you bastard =P)
x Kez (my sis)

3 things i rather not think about.
x People leaving
x My exam results
x what to do when its raining

2 things i daydream about all the time.
x Kiteboarding Professionally
x Making money

1 person i think about all the time.
x my future husband